Would You Invest 15 Minutes to Find Out If You Could Save 15% to 40% on All Your Phone Bills?

Case Study

A national auto center spending $9,000 per month on their telecommunications services wanted to reduce their telecommunications overhead and expense.

The company saved $125,000 in the first 24 months – a 58% savings.

Case Study

A data storage company with multiple locations suspected they were being overcharged for their telecommunications services.

The company saved $38,000 per year on their telecommunications budget.

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Want to reduce your telecommunications overhead by an average of 24.2% without risk or your time?

Telecom Auditing Group, LLC has a system which when followed has consistently yielded this result. Unlike other companies that provide cost comparisons, we get to the root of the issue. How? We investigate all aspects of your telecom services including contracts, customer service records, invoice data, regulatory tariffs and how these services are interrelated and interlinked. This blueprint allows us to offer you objective telecommunications recommendations and adjustments as to how to optimize your telecommunications configurations for long-term cost savings. Telecom Auditing Group, LLC provides auditing and consulting services to businesses in order to reduce their costs without compromising the integrity of their current services. Our system includes project management and our average client spends 2 to 5 hours of their time during this process.

Our clients’ top six concerns – Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Do not interrupt my current telecommunications;
    Most of our clients want to make sure that their current telecommunications services continue to work properly and their daily business is impacted in a positive way. Telecom Auditing Group, LLC provides the utmost care when supplying project management for the recommendations and adjustments necessary to delivering long-term cost savings.
  2. Save our company money;
    This is what Telecom Auditing Group, LLC does for you. We analyze your company’s current telecommunications billing and configuration, find any discrepancies, errors, overcharges and/or misaligned telecommunications configuration and correct all of these, thereby legitimizing your telecommunications billing and configuration. In addition, we provide your company with comparable services for less money. Your company chooses whether or not to implement these recommendations.
  3. We want someone else to implement cost savings;
    Telecom Auditing Group, LLC will implement the cost savings process for your company, not requiring from you any excessive time or effort.
  4. We are looking for a solution to a telecommunications issue and we are looking for professional advice to resolve our telecommunications issues;
    With a collective 40 plus years of telecommunications experience working with and for providers, CLEC’s, network equipment manufacturers, agencies, consulting and auditing companies, Telecom Auditing Group, LLC can help you with your telecommunications issues.
  5. We want assurance that we are getting the right telecommunications configurations and the proper amount of services for the proper amount of cost;
    Telecom Auditing Group, LLC has helped many companies reconfigure their telecommunications networks. See the Testimonials page for what our clients have said about us.
  6. We want immediate follow-up after the cost savings have been implemented to make sure our telecommunications savings remain streamlined.
    Once changes are implemented and billing is legitimized, Telecom Auditing Group follows up with your company to ensure that your cost savings continue.

After experiencing what your company provides, I would highly recommend any business to engage Telecom Auditing Group , LLC for lowering their telecommunications cost.

All aspects of our project were handled by your firm in a very proficient manner…

Your staff was able to take the complexity of the venture and simplify it in logical terms; this allowed us to make assessments and decisions very swiftly…

The New York Mortgage Company’s high expectations were exceeded.

The New York Mortgage Company

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“21 Tips Guaranteed to Significantly Slash Your Phone Bill”

Upon reviewing our current proposals and current expectations, your team made expert recommendations. Your suggestions significantly benefited us in both time and money. In fact, the reduction of our original telecommunications was 41%.

Concord Otolaryngology is very please with the service we received from Telecom Auditing Group, LLC. All aspects of our project were handled by your company in a very professional manner. Due to your company’s assistance, our plan came together quickly and within budget.

Concord Otolaryngology

Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Telecom Auditing Company :

  1. Does the company have real-life experience in the telecommunications industry?
    Telecom Auditing Group, LLC has over 40 plus years of telecommunications experience working with providers, CLEC’s, network equipment manufacturers, data integrators, agencies and consulting firms.
  2. Do you guarantee results?
    As a matter of fact, Telecom Auditing Group, LLC does guarantee results. So confident are we in our services that we offer a plan whereby we do all the auditing on a contingency basis – you pay no money up front. We offer our services nationally. Feel free to read the testimonials from many of our clients on our Testimonials link to find out what our customers think of our work. If that is not enough, we will send you MORE CASE STUDIES and a FREE CD of a radio interview covering all aspects of telecommunications auditing and what Telecom Auditing Group, LLC can do for your company. See our Consultation page to contact us.
  3. Do you have testimonials and references?
    Yes, we do. You can find a number of testimonials on our Testimonials link from customers all over the United States. We will gladly provide references upon request.

We consistently find overcharges and unnecessary services in the invoices and contracts we audit, and have had tremendous success on the behalf of our clients at both obtaining refunds for those overcharges and in restructuring their telecommunications overhead, saving them THOUSANDS!

If you are an entity spending $3,000 or more per month on your voice, data and/or wireless telecommunications services we can help you unlock hidden assets in your invoices and streamline your telecommunications management.

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