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Telecom Auditing Group, LLC Case Studies

Objective: A national auto center spending $9,000 per month on their telecommunications services wanted to reduce their telecommunications overhead and expense.

Action: Upon a close examination, Telecom Auditing Group was able to identify a massive over billing situation on unnecessary services bundled in their telecommunications services. The company’s telecommunications services were restructured utilizing a combination of the same carrier and a new carrier, making the service more efficient and cost effective.

Results: The company saved $125,000 in the first 24 months – a 58% savings.

…Thank you for reorganizing our telecommunications service and project managing our integrated T1 installation.

We are pleased with the savings and with all the assistance your company provided to us.

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Objective: A surgical practice spending $1200 per month on their communications services was seeking to purchase a new telephone system. Like many companies, they lacked the funds in their current budget. They also were in need of acquiring high-speed data services to improve their office efficiency.

Action: We audited their current telecommunications invoices and discovered overcharges and the ability to restructure their services. We restructured their services with their current provider to maximize their cost and efficiency.

Result: The practice reduced their telecommunications overhead by $5900 per year (41% savings). They were able to use their newfound savings to acquire new high-speed access and increase their telephone line count, which increased their business productivity. The practice was also able to purchase a new telephone system by allocating the savings towards offsetting their monthly lease for the new equipment.

Objective: A manufacturing company spending $3900 per month on their voice services for two of their satellite locations were experiencing service outages and very poor customer service. Their local and long distance provider who was reselling another provider’s network was not taking responsibility and resolving their problem. After several weeks of lost business they were referred to Telecom Auditing Group.

Action: While auditing their network to determine their services we found significant overcharges in their invoices.  We requested that the present carrier immediately reduce their bill and compensate them for the overcharges and support the gross negligence on the part of the carrier’s customer service department by sending technicians to the customer’s location to determine and resolve the service outages.

Result: The present carrier agreed to reduce their bill and send technicians to the customer’s locations to solve the problem. However, the client, appalled by the lack of service they were receiving from the carrier, decided to fire the carrier and move to a new carrier. We project managed the move for the client and restructured their telecommunications services, reducing the client’s bill 68% or $2630 per month for total savings of $31,000 per year.

Objective: A busy printing company with an $817 per month phone bill had telecommunications service interruptions and outages over several weeks. They contacted their carrier multiple times and the problem was not resolved. They told the carrier they were moving their service to another provider as they were losing money and future business. The carrier threatened to sue them for breaking their agreement.

Action: We negotiated with their current carrier and resolved their agreement without penalty or incident. We implemented a move from their current T1 service to a new carrier with voice lines, a separate data circuit and suggested an additional back up data circuit as data was the most important asset to running their business.

Result: To date they have not had a service outage and saved $180 per month – a 22% savings.

Objective: A medical company who had just recently signed new telecommunications contracts with the carrier suspected they were not receiving the best value from their decision and asked the telecommunications providers representative to assist them in reviewing their agreements to determine whether they can do better. Their salesperson was at best difficult to pin down for an appointment. In addition the new services they received were not working properly as their voice calls between locations and when customers called in experienced echo and disconnects. The carrier was blaming the problems on the telecommunications hardware and telephone vendors and the vendors were blaming the telecommunications carrier. The medical company was in the middle and losing business in revenue. The company was spending approximately $9500 per month.

Action: We suggested what is commonly called a “vendor meet” at the customer’s location.  This is where all the providers and vendors meet at a specified time and resolve the problem. The telecommunications carrier refused to send their technicians to the vendor meet.  In reviewing the client’s agreements and invoices, we determined that the client had not been well served by the telecommunications representative and not in an ethical manner.  We found approximately $60,000 per year in telecommunications savings that we presented to the client.

Result: The telecommunications carrier was in breach of contract for non-performance and the client decided to move their service to another telecommunications provider. We oversaw the project management of implementing their new services. Upon installation of the new services the echo and disconnects were eliminated and the client is using their $60,000 in annual savings for other business needs.

Problem: A busy restoration company was experiencing poor quality telecommunications service and very poor customer service. They were experiencing noise during their calls and multiple service outages. Their current carrier was non-responsive in helping them resolve the quality of their service. The company wanted to change carriers but was in a multi year contract, which the carrier threaten to enforce large termination penalties if they moved their service.

Action: Upon auditing the customers phone records we discovered the carrier was not providing the service that was required to interface with the customer’s current hardware configuration.  We negotiated with their current carrier and settled their contract without fine or conflict. We assisted a move from their current service provider to a new carrier with the proper services to run their company efficiently.

Result: The corporation increased its business office productivity and financials. In the process, they saved 35.2 % annually off their telecommunications overhead.

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