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About Telecom Auditing Group, LLC

Telecom Auditing Group is a firm which focuses on reducing and recovering telecommunications costs to the Business to Business marketplace.

The principals have a collective 40 years of telecommunications experience working with and for carriers, CLEC’s, network equipment manufacturers, telecommunications agencies, and telecommunications consulting and auditing companies. They are regarded as voice, data
and cost analysis experts in the telecommunications arena.

The Telecom Auditing Group corporate model was developed because of the overwhelming need by business customers to have an experienced and, more importantly, impartial and objective voice to provide guidance in simplifying an increasingly complex and confusing telecommunications landscape, thus giving decision makers quality information so they can make wise decisions concerning their telecommunications services.

We appreciate your company restructuring our telecommunications services. Our savings generated using your assistance amounted to $6717 per year which is 35% less than our original configuration… During this reorganization process you also helped solve some complex telecommunications issues that were hindering our business productivity.

– DiStefano Medical Group, MA

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